May 26, 2022

The Stanley Cup For The Hockey Novice

With the 2022 Stanley Cup playoffs in full swing, I’m bringing one of my favorite sports conversations out of the archives -- my conversation with legendary hockey maven Stanley Fischler. He has written more than 90 books on the sport. The backstory:  In 2013 I stumbled upon the thrilling Stanley Cup finals between the Blackhawks and Bruins with my daughter, who was nine at the time. We were riveted.  But we couldn't follow the puck. The action was too fast. And she had so many questions, which I couldn't answer -- because  I'm a hockey novice. So I reached out to Fischler to be our guide.  Whether you're a hockey novice or an expert, I think you'll enjoy the stories and insights of the thoroughly engaging Stanley Fischler. 

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